From “NTC’s Ag Center of Excellence gives students valuable, hands-on dairy experience” — WAUSAU – Programs offered at the Northcentral Technical College’s Ag Center of Excellence help students interested in the agriculture industry.

The Ag Center offers hands-on learning opportunities for its students.

That includes learning about a robotic milker and feeding calves.

Right now, more than 100 students are involved in Ag Center of Excellence programs.

“I think it’s a great opportunity. Just the learning experience and being able to see the different aspect of the farming industry, or part of the agriculture business. I don’t have much experience myself, so any opportunity is a great opportunity,” said Rylee Gregoriche, a Dairy Science Student at the Ag Center.

Gregoriche says she appreciates learning more about agriculture and being able to participate in the internships that are available with the Ag Center.

The center offers Associate degrees in dairy science, veterinarian sciences and agriculture business.

There’s also a technical program for operating agriculture equipment.

Leaders at the Ag Center believe these programs adequately prepare students for their futures.

“They can go on to do a variety of things in the agriculture world. Most of the time, that experience coupled with the degree, [agriculture] people are more than happy to hire them because they’ve had that experience,” Katie Vandergeest, Agriculture Sciences Development Manager.

The Ag Center of Excellence opened its doors in June of 2011.

There is still room available in summer and fall classes.

Photo of webcam

Check out the farm cam for live, real-time previews of the agriculture programs
(credit: NTC).

Wisconsin leads the nation in dairy production, so naturally agriculture remains one of the many important areas of study offered around our 16 technical colleges. Advancing technology and global competition make a hands-on, real-world technical college education that much more vital to success in the agriculture industry.

You can go to any of our colleges’ websites to learn about their agriculture programs, and there are some very unique ones among them, but Northcentral Technical College, through their Agriculture Center of Excellence and with the help of several community partners, delivers a particularly interesting way to learn about their programs. NTC’s website offers live camera footage of their farm facilities to demonstrate the kind of hands-on training and education that goes on there. Featuring their programs in Dairy Science (unique to the college), Agri-Business, Agriculture Equipment Technician and Veterinary Science, potential students can view first-hand the technology, the environment, the facilities and more through the live-feed multi-view Farm Cams.

You won’t watch grass grow if you look at the Farm Cams, but you are likely to see the calves being bottle fed, perhaps a robotic milking machine at work, a view of the calf feeder and grazing areas, and much more. Peek into the Farm Cam and you may soon find you’ve piqued a new career interest!

NTC also offers certificates in agriculture-related programs for a path to a career in less time.


“What did the buffalo say to his son when he left for college? Bison.”

The sign for Northcentral Technical College in...

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

From the Wausau Daily Herald: “Northcentral Technical College opens dairy education center”— TOWN OF MAINE — A project six years in the making to create a state-of-the-art agriculture learning facility officially opened Wednesday, and officials hope the center will prepare farmers for years to come.

Northcentral Technical College leaders and others cut the ribbon Wednesday on the Agriculture Center of Excellence, which spans more than 100 acres on Highway K in the town of Maine. Students will be introduced to technology, such as a robotic milking machine, and learn about different cattle-management techniques. A partnership with the manufacturer Case IH also gives students a chance to try out the latest in agriculture equipment.

The center will host more than 30 students in NTC’s dairy science associate degree program — the only one of its kind in Wisconsin — and serve about 250 students overall in various NTC agriculture courses, said Susan Ryman, coordinator of marketing and public relations for the college.

“It isn’t just classrooms, it’s hands-on experiences, it’s the people that work here and the educators who will provide that information to students,” said Ben Brancel, secretary for the state Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection. “That’s more valuable even than the structures and the buildings.”

From “NTC Dairy sciences school opens in Maine today”— North Central Technical College will be officially opening their Agriculture Center of Excellence school this morning.

The school is a partnership between NTC and the Dairyland State Academy. The facility is located just northwest of Wausau near the Maine Town Hall and Maine Elementary. The move is a culmination of a 3 year long process of permits, funding from Marathon County, and approval for the site construction.

Students at the Academy will have a chance to learn the trade of dairy farming on a live and operational farm. They’ll also be using state of the art equipment under an agreement with CASE. The program will offer a two year associates degree in Dairy Science, and allow for progression into a four year degree with NTC.

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