Fox Valley Tech, APICS have online certification partnership

May 14, 2014

From “Fox Valley Technical College and APICS” — Fox Valley Technical College (FVTC) and APICS are celebrating 10 years of collaboration in May 2014. FVTC has been our trusted online partner for certification review course delivery and rely on them to provide our certification candidates and with an exceptional learning experience. Over these 10 years, hundreds of professionals have completed their preparation courses through FVTC’s online learning environment, and they give FVTC consistently high ratings on their experience.

FVTC understands the needs of APICS members and has shaped its programs accordingly, like the corporate cohort program that enables students at locations across the country to participate in a course simultaneously. The online delivery format provides 24/7 access, and also reduces ancillary expenses associated with training such as travel, housing, meals and time away from the office. This is especially relevant when supply chain and operations teams are dispersed across the country or around the world.

APICS Director of Corporate Services, Dominic Longo, CSCP, works with organizations to implement training, education and certification. He says, “The team at FVTC does a great job for our corporate clients who opt for private online training for the CPIM and CSCP programs. Supply chain leaders all see the need for professional development, but some just can’t afford to have employees away from their desks four to six days per class. Other clients find the courses to be a great way to pull together individuals who are geographically dispersed and create an online community for training. Great instructors and flexible course timelines have made FVTC an integral part of our delivery strategy.”

FVTC was joined by APICS Director of Professional Development, Bob Collins, CFPIM, CIRM, CSCP, at their anniversary celebration in Appleton, WI on May 14.


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