WITC students get experience from top aviation companies

January 24, 2014

From northlandsnewscenter.com: “WITC students get experience from top aviation companies” — It’s not every day that students get to work hand and hand with equipment and resources that will prepare them for real life work opportunities.

But students, learning aerospace composite technology at Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College in Superior, are getting to work side by side with two of the top aviation companies in Duluth.

Last fall WITC started a program for students interested in making airplanes.

The students are getting the chance to learn the latest in technology with the most up to date equipment.

The high tech education is putting the students in a good position for a number of jobs.

“If they have a thorough understanding of aerospace composites they would have no difficulty working in less exacting related fields of composites, such as aviation, sporting goods, or aviational products,” composite instructor, Tim Wright said.

Airplane makers, Cirrus and Kestrel in the Twin Ports have signed up to serve on the program’s advisory board, to work alongside the staff, and to possibly hire students on graduation.

“Those should be a great deal of opportunity then there is now and will be in the future with Kestrel company in town and Cirrus in Duluth,” WITC student, Edward Carlson says.

Cirrus even donated a plane for the students to work with to learn how to identify and fix aircraft problems.

“It will be on the receiving end of my hammer quite a bit and then so it becomes an advanced repair project for the students,” Wright said.

“So many things are going to be transitioning from being made out of metal and other materials into composites. I just thought it was a great place to be,” said Carlson.

The first group of students to complete the composite program are expected to graduate in spring of 2015.


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