Student sculptures shine light on hydroelectricity

December 23, 2013

From “Fox River Lighted Sculptures To Be Unveiled on Saturday” — Appleton – Lighted sculptures designed by Fox Valley students will turn on Saturday night in the City of Appleton to spotlight hydroelectric history.

Just off of water street in Appleton, a group of volunteers makes final preparations setting up the lighted sculpture displays before they are unveiled and lit up at 6:30 p.m. on Saturday.

It’s part of a celebration highlighting the first usage of hydroelectricity along the Fox River.

“We’re just getting these power lines set up that we’re going to connect to our house and run back towards the river to represent hydroelectricity lighting up the house,” Joey Stammer, Appleton East senior said. Students from Fox Valley Technical college along with Appleton and Little Chute high school students began designing the lighted scenes including a lighted flag in September.

Light Up the Fox, INC. raised close to $10,000 for the project.

“Many people in the area don’t realize how rich it is and unique it is…for example being the first place in the world to have a central electric system that used Thomas Edison’s system,” Barb Sauer, Light Up the Fox spokeswoman, said.

And, they hope to commemorate the Appleton’s historical third ward neighborhood over the years by adding more light displays.

“We’re looking at in the future growing this every year, school by school by school and just adding displays throughout the year and making it a bigger and bigger and bigger display,” Mike Cattelino, FVTC Associate Dean of Manufacturing and Agriculture programs, said.

The lighting of the displays will kick off on Saturday starting at 6:30 p.m.  The public also will be able to participate in a candle light walk.  The lighted displays will be featured through February 11th.


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