MSTC grads prepared with more than just industry skills

December 20, 2013

From “MSTC graduates prepared with more than just industry skills” — MARSHFIELD — For Jasmin Jurgensen, Thursday not only marked the end of a 18-month-long educational experience, but also a the beginning of a new chapter.

The 21-year-old Marshfield native said she was relieved to have graduated with an associate’s degree in business management from Mid-State Technical College, and she looks forward to the next step in her life.

“It feels really good, like I accomplished something,” said Jurgensen, who currently works as a receptionist and night auditor at Hotel Marshfield. It took her only 18 months to graduate, an unusual feat for a business management degree, she said, taking 18 credits each semester.

Jurgensen’s parents, grandmother and her 3-year-old son were there to support her.

She is one of 142 students across Mid-State’s three campuses who graduated Thursday. A total of 29 students graduated from the Marshfield campus Thursday night at the Holiday Inn and Convention Center.

Many of those who graduated Thursday already have jobs, said Connie Willfahrt, vice president of Student Affairs & Information Technology.

“We’re seeing more and more students preparing their application materials earlier than in the past,” Willfahrt said. “Students (are) taking a more proactive approach sooner.”

It’s a trend college officials attribute, in part, to a more difficult job climate but also a greater emphasis in so-called “soft skills,” such as communication, trust-building and teamwork, just to name a few, Willfahrt said.

“They’re really recognizing the need to put forth what I call the total package,” she said. “I really attribute the bulk of that to our faculty and how they have incorporated it into our curriculum in a way that is heard by our students.”

Employers, too, are looking for workers who know more than just the basics of their specialized industry, Willfahrt said.

“Employers really emphasize the need for … problem solvers, punctual, team-oriented (workers),” she said. “That’s been a key factor in some of the changes that our faculty have made.”



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