Walker signs bills encouraging more technical education

December 11, 2013

From weau.com: “Walker signs bills encouraging more technical education” — Governor Scott Walker visited the Chippewa Valley Technical College to sign bipartisan bills SB 334 and SB331 into law today.

The first one provides scholarships to promising students who are looking go in technical education fields. The second sets up a grant program to help high schools provide more students with advanced technical educational opportunities.

He says there is a tremendous need in our state to train workers for the jobs that are available. Many of those open jobs are in technical fields like IT, health care and manufacturing.

“We want our best and our brightest not only in our four year colleges and universities; we want them in our technical colleges as well” Walker said.

Walker added, “The earlier we start people thinking about those career paths, the earlier we will see what they are good at and plug them that, the more likely they are going to be to fill those positions in the future.”

But we all know education and training is expensive, and that’s where Walker says these grants and scholarship will help bridge the gap.

“That’s not only good for education it’s good for the economy,” said Walker.

SB331 sets up an incentive grant program to have career and technical education programs in high schools. It says schools will get $1000 for each student enrolled in an advanced technical program.

Chippewa Valley President Bruce Barker says he hopes the legislation will also help build more partnerships between high schools and tech colleges across the state.

“The entire technical college system was created to meet the employment and training needs our business and industry that was specific design so programs like this again highlight that partnership,” said Barker.



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