MSTC students champions in tree care

December 10, 2013

From ” MSTC forestry students win accolades” — A total of 23 Mid-State Technical College students went to the Tree Care Industry Expo in Charlotte, N.C., recently, a huge gathering of tree care vendors, employers, employees and students.

Almost 20 colleges and universities competed in the conference’s Nov. 15 Tree Care Skills Competition. For the first time in the college’s history, MSTC students took home prizes in the both the men’s and women’s overall championship.

Bryce Crunkilton took first on the safety portion of the student competition and won the overall championship for men. Kerstyn Perrett placed first on the work climb component and placed second in the overall championship for women.

Participants competed in up to five competitions: work climb, scramble, safety check, throw line and written exam. MSTC students thrived against some of the larger schools in the nation, including BYU, Utah State University, Pennsylvania State University, Michigan State University, Virginia Tech University, Purdue University and the University of Tennessee.

“I am so proud of all the students that went to the Expo,” said MSTC urban forestry technician instructor Deb Crunkilton. “I had high expectations, and they exceeded those.”

The TCI EXPO, held Nov. 14 to 16, is the world’s largest tree care industry trade show and conference. The skills competitions were part of the conference’s 17th annual Student Career Days, open to students enrolled in arboriculture, horticulture, forestry and related programs. Students attended a job fair, as well as several casual receptions where they met and networked with potential employers. TCI Expo attendees also had the opportunity to visit about 200 vendors, as well as a tour of the Bartlett Tree Expert research lab and arboretum. Seminar topics ranged from safety and business strategies to workplace dynamics and tree health.

“All of our students — a record number — were engaged and excited to meet people, look at equipment and compete in various events,” Crunkilton said.

Established in 1938 as the National Arborist Association, today’s Tree Care Industry Association is a trade association of more than 2,200 commercial tree care firms and affiliated companies. It develops safety and education programs, standards of tree care practice, and management information for arboriculture firms around the world. Their Certified Tree Care Safety Professional program is the only safety credentialing program in the industry. TCI Magazine is the most circulated and read publication in the industry.



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