Holmen parents want more dual credit options

November 15, 2013

From lacrossetribune.com: “Students get a jump on college” — For today’s high school students, it’s important to have options.

College- and career-bound students alike in Holmen and Onalaska benefit from Youth Options, a program that allows academically motivated students to earn high school and college credit simultaneously by taking classes at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse, Viterbo University or Western Technical College.

The program was a topic of discussion Monday evening at meetings of the school boards in Holmen and Onalaska.

If a student is accepted, the school districts pay for tuition, class fees and books. Students may take up to 18 credits.

This year, 40 students from Holmen High and 13 from Onalaska High have enrolled in Youth Options, taking a variety of courses that include software design, biology, calculus, physics and accounting.

“These students have kind of maxed out what we can offer (at the high school level),” said Darcy Lindquist, Holmen’s Youth Options coordinator.

Last year, Youth Options courses cost about $18,000 for Onalaska’s 29 participants and $20,000 for Holmen’s 25 participants.

“It’s an expensive requirement the state has for the district, but you can’t argue with the opportunities it gives to the kids in terms of getting postsecondary education.” said Roger Fruit, director of instructional services for the Onalaska district.

Cullin Trivett, Holmen’s student representative on the school board, noted the importance of college-level preparatory courses like those available through Youth Options and advanced placement classes.

Annette Valeo, a Holmen parent, addressed the school board Monday and asked the district to consider expanding dual credit options for students.



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