Ag business export training at LTC

November 13, 2013

From “Ag Business Export Training Sessions to be Held” — Food and agricultural companies can build an export plan in just three months by participating in the ExporTech training program. The course consists of three day-long sessions spaced one month apart, plus individualized assistance to develop a comprehensive export expansion strategy. Since 2010, this program has successfully helped about 75 Wisconsin businesses rapidly grow export revenue.

The sessions will be held at Lakeshore Technical College in Cleveland on November 21, December 12 and January 23. One-on-one coaching will be provided between sessions.

Session outcomes will include development of an executable export strategy, identification and removal of export obstacles, identification of ideal export markets and the creation of a practical international growth plan. Experts will provide insight into potential overseas markets, management of logistics, and how to best meet documentation and certification requirements. At the completion of the ExporTech program, participating companies will have the tools they need to begin or streamline their exporting effort.

ExporTech sessions are geared toward company leaders including owners, CEOs or other executives. Companies producing value-added products, grains, fruits, vegetables, ginseng, livestock genetics, wood products and more should consider attending.

The program is presented by the Wisconsin Manufacturing Extension Partnership, Wisconsin Department of Agriculture and Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation.

The cost is $5,000 per company, and scholarships are available to cover half of the cost. For more information, contact the WMEP at 262-442-8279.



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