SWTC explores possible new program in Future Studies

November 4, 2013

From swnews4u.com: “SWTC to study…The Future” — FENNIMORE — Southwest Wisconsin Technical College has contracted a future studies consultant, to develop a business plan to assess the need and feasibility of offering online courses and continuing education seminars focused on Future Studies.

The courses and seminars will equip individuals and organizations with field-tested concepts and techniques from the new field of Future Studies to take charge of their professional and personal futures.

Dr. Paul Rux will be conducting a market analysis, reviewing the need for specific academic courses and seminars, determining how to market future studies courses, and working up financial projections. Rux will meet with business and industry leaders, district stakeholders, and Southwest Tech staff to collect data for the business plan. Once the business plan is complete, Southwest Tech will determine the feasibility of establishing a Future Studies Institute.

Students of future studies explore how focused insights and techniques can synergize with strategic planning, change management, market research, decision making, and product and service innovation. Students apply classic tools and techniques to identify and prepare for multiple possible and probable futures in various areas and learn to analyze the driving forces. Social responsibility and ethical actions are also included.



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