NWTC proposes on campus student housing

October 25, 2013

From wbay.com: “NWTC proposes to build first on campus student housing” — Green Bay –Northeast Wisconsin Technical College is looking to expand. The school and developer explain what could be a first for the Green Bay campus.

“There will be a workout facility. There will be a study area. There will be an area where (they) can even all commune and watch Packer games,” said Jim DeLeers of DeLeers Construction in De Pere.

DeLeers is developing NWTC’s first on campus housing. He showed us preliminary drawings of the four-story, privately funded and managed facility.

“There will be 100 units, approximately 200 beds in the facility, the design itself, the colors, and the brick and mortar’s design is designed specifically not to look like traditional apartment style housing,” says DeLeers.

It’s proposed to be located on the southeast corner of the campus.

College leaders say it’s what students asked for in a recent survey, particularly international students.

Only 16 of the 6,000 students on the Green Bay campus are studying from outside the country.

“A student comes here from another country, has no place to live that’s nearby, has no means of transportation, it’s a little bit discouraging to think about coming to Green Bay and not being able to be close to one’s campus,” says Vice-President for College Advancement Karen Smits.

Rahmi Arikan, 24, is a third year student from Turkey. He says he wished on campus housing was available when he arrived. He adds dorms are the first step to recruit more international students, as it would be one less thing to worry about while adjusting to a new school and culture.

“The housing is going to be a big impact to choose NWTC because of when they come over here, they have to walk through everything by themselves without any help,” says Arikan.

The school says it plans to open the student housing the fall of 2014.

NWTC is inviting residential and business neighbors to an informational meeting from 6-7 p.m. in room SC128 on Tuesday, October 29.


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