Insurance agents donate to CVTC

October 22, 2013

From “Agency backs CVTC” — Kris Flock, along with some of his staff from The Service Agency in Ellsworth, as part of the Independent Insurance Agents of Western Wisconsin (IIAWW), presented a check for $2,459.25 to Marcy Bruflat of Chippewa Valley Technical College (CVTC) for the purchase of equipment for their firefighter training program. CVTC trains 53 departments within their district, including Ellsworth and the surrounding areas.

The donation will be used for the purchase of water rescue suits and rescue rope. The suits protect the rescuers, preventing drowning and hypothermia. IIAWW and CVTC have enjoyed this partnership benefitting the entire Western Wisconsin area since 2008. That first contribution of $4,000 was used for the purchase of a thermal imaging camera, used to locate victims and fire hotspots.

Other purchases made possible through IIAWW contributions include: Rapid Intervention Team Pack (RIT) – a self-contained breathing apparatus, rescue tools and rescue rope; Mannequin Family – a family of three adults and one baby used for rescue training; Student/Instructor Headsets – used for communication in high-noise situations; Folding Attic Ladder/Gate Valve/Spanner Wrenches – miscellaneous tools needed for class. Flock noted, “Since 2008, IIAWW has contributed over $17,000 to the CVTC Firefighter Training Program. This has been a great opportunity for The Service Agency to impact an organization benefitting all of our communities, increasing safety and minimizing loss.”


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