Middle school girls take on “Man’s Work”

October 4, 2013

From wbay.com: “Middle School Girls Take on “Man’s Work” — Green Bay – Middle school girls got the chance Tuesday to learn about welding and robotics at Northeast Wisconsin Technical College.

It’s called “Women at Work,” and it’s an effort to get more young women interested in typically male-dominated fields.

More than 100 girls from middle schools in the area spent the morning learning about trades like welding with a simulator.

“It gives feedback electronically to the instructor and to the student. It’s actually mechanical movement, so they get that effect,” NWTC welding instructor Jon Russell explained.

In another session, the students use robots to learn about animation.

“We took a robot and we were picking up garbage and deciding if it was trash or recyclable,” Bayview Middle School student Madelyn Jorgensen described.

The goal is to give young women the opportunity to explore careers in these types of trades which typically attract men.

The girls also had the chance to meet with employers to learn about the different trades.

“There are lots of job opportunities for these women in these different trades areas. They’re able to get paid pretty well at some really hands-on type jobs that are really kind of fun,” Angie Arneson, a technology and engineering teacher in Denmark Middle School said.

According to NWTC, only three to five percent of students in the welding program are women.

But these students say they’re inspired by Tuesday’s workshop.

“Girls can definitely do these jobs. Girls have better hand-eye coordination I’ve heard. So things like welding where you have to be very specific would probably be better for girls,” Denmark Middle School student Ellie Babiash said.



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