FVTC collaborates on computer lab for job seekers

September 10, 2013

From postcrescent.com: “New computer training lab opens” —MENASHA — Job seekers will receive free computer literacy training at a new lab that opened Monday at the Fox Cities Workforce Development Center.

Department of Workforce Development Secretary Reggie Newson said the new lab is among more than $100 million in additional investments being made as part of Gov. Scott Walker’s workforce agenda.

“The new lab serving job seekers represents more investments to come, from new worker training grants, to a state-of-the-art labor market system and a renewed funding for apprenticeships,” Newson said in a news release. “Under Governor Walker’s leadership, and in collaboration with legislative partners, we are making strategic investments to help ensure a skilled workforce that will sustain and promote economic expansion and job growth in Wisconsin.”

Figuring prominently in Walker’s workforce agenda is Wisconsin Fast Forward, an initiative approved by the Legislature that includes a new state-funded $15 million grant program to deal with the skills gap by helping employers train new and existing workers. The initiative also includes a new labor market information system to provide real-time data and better connect job seekers to jobs by keying on skills.

The new computer lab at the Fox Cities Workforce Development Center is a collaborative effort by the Department of Workforce Development, the Fox Valley Workforce Development Board and Bay Area Workforce Development Board, Fox Valley Technical College, Outagamie County, Goodwill and the Forward Service Corp.

Starting Oct. 13, Wisconsin residents who file an unemployment insurance claim who by law must register for work will have 14 days to register with Wisconsin Job Service to receive benefits. They can do so online through JobCenterofWisconsin.com or by visiting their local Job Center.

The registration process, which takes about an hour to complete, includes completing a job profile and identifying skills, abilities, work experience, education, training and other crucial information that can help Job Service staff connect them to new opportunities.




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