FVTC teaches future health care providers with futuristic technology

September 6, 2013

From wbay.com: “FVTC teaches future health care providers with futuristic technology” — By Kristyn Allen – Grand Chute – Fox Valley Technical College unveiled its new Health Simulation and Technology Center on Wednesday.

It’s the first completed project funded by the referendum that passed in April 2012 to expand FVTC.

The three-story, 66,000-square foot facility looks more like a hospital than a classroom, and is designed to give students critical hands-on clinical training.

“Just very impressed with the potential this facility has for developing our new health care providers,” Sharon Schumacher reacted. Schumacher is director of talent development for ThedaCare.

Much of the training is focused on human patient simulators, designed to make students feel like they’re working on an actual human and prepare them for real-life emergencies.

“It is extremely life-like. It’s got pulses in all the places a human being has pulses. You can listen to the heart. You can listen to the lungs. You can listen to their stomach. Their tongue can swell up,” nursing student Daisie Hanson said.

Wednesday, nursing students simulated a patient having heart problems, taking the patient from an ambulance to a hospital room, and doing everything from performing tests to giving the “patient” medicine.

Staff at Fox Valley Tech say cutting-edge technology like this is the new wave in education.

“Almost every major college or university that teaches high-level health care has a simulation lab or they’re developing a simulation lab,” said Robert Sternhagen, coordinator of the Human Patient Simulation.

The $12 million facility also integrates training for law enforcement and occupational therapists, in addition to medical responders and nurses.


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