Fox Valley Tech experts to review storm response

August 23, 2013

From “Fox Valley Tech Chosen to Review Outagamie County Storm Response” — A panel of experts at Fox Valley Technical College will conduct an independent review of Outagamie County’s August 7th storm response. A professional meteorologists will also be part of the review.

The sirens were silent as a severe storm tore across the county and spawned a number of tornadoes in the early morning hours of August 7th. The county Public Service Committee discussed possible discipline for the county’s Emergency Management director, Julie Loeffelholz.

In her defense, Loeffelholz says the National Weather Service never issued a tornado warning and no trained personnel or weather spotters reported tornadoes, but even if they had, she couldn’t have activated sirens because power was knocked out to the communications tower to signal them and the backup system she requested won’t be purchased and installed until 2014.

Outagamie County Executive Tom Nelson requested an independent review, and put Outagamie Corporation Counsel Joe Guidote in charge of organizing the review panel.

Guidote says he chose FVTC “because of its expertise in public safety and emergency management training.” He says the panel will include people with credentials in law enforcement, and meteorology.


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