Firefighters gain valuable training experience

August 5, 2013

From “Firefighters Gain Valuable Training Experience” — A car flips over and the driver can only be rescued by being extricated through the trunk.


A disabled man needs to be rescued from a burning building.


These are all frightening scenarios, but fortunately this is only a drill,and the victims are only plastic mannequins.

Saturday fire crews were able to practice for when these situations could become reality.

“We can accommodate police, fire, EMS, and a whole host of other public opportunities. You can’t get any other hands on training in this area.” says Fire Training director Doug Jennings.

You can’t learn how to fight fires and save lives just through reading a textbook, so that is why Northcentral Technical College hosted Advanced Skill Training Day. It is a way for rescue crews to be able to prepare for the worst.

“This facility up here is great for facilitating hands-on scenarios. Today they aren’t talking about cutting cars, they are actually cutting cars in difficult positions.” Jennings says.

The event was a great way for N.T.C to showcase their brand new training center. After the original one was destroyed, they have been able to get the latest technology.

“Our public safety center was demolished in the tornado a few years ago. We were able to rebuild this complex out here with the help of our president to a fantastic facility.” says Jennings.

Now they are able to provide firefighters a way to practice for the worst, all while learning from each other.


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