“Farm cams” peer into ag careers

August 2, 2013

Photo of webcam

Check out the farm cam for live, real-time previews of the agriculture programs
(credit: NTC).

Wisconsin leads the nation in dairy production, so naturally agriculture remains one of the many important areas of study offered around our 16 technical colleges. Advancing technology and global competition make a hands-on, real-world technical college education that much more vital to success in the agriculture industry.

You can go to any of our colleges’ websites to learn about their agriculture programs, and there are some very unique ones among them, but Northcentral Technical College, through their Agriculture Center of Excellence and with the help of several community partners, delivers a particularly interesting way to learn about their programs. NTC’s website offers live camera footage of their farm facilities to demonstrate the kind of hands-on training and education that goes on there. Featuring their programs in Dairy Science (unique to the college), Agri-Business, Agriculture Equipment Technician and Veterinary Science, potential students can view first-hand the technology, the environment, the facilities and more through the live-feed multi-view Farm Cams.

You won’t watch grass grow if you look at the Farm Cams, but you are likely to see the calves being bottle fed, perhaps a robotic milking machine at work, a view of the calf feeder and grazing areas, and much more. Peek into the Farm Cam and you may soon find you’ve piqued a new career interest!

NTC also offers certificates in agriculture-related programs for a path to a career in less time.


“What did the buffalo say to his son when he left for college? Bison.”

The sign for Northcentral Technical College in...

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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