FVTC expert comments on sex trafficking victim services

July 31, 2013

From nbc26.com: “Challenges ahead for victims of child sex trafficking bust” — After a nationwide sex trafficking sting rescues 10 teenagers in Wisconsin the questions is, what’s next? Today a local expert is talking about what needs to be done for the victims and how law enforcement is stepping up to combat the issue.

Human trafficking doesn’t always look so obvious, it’s actually most common in the most innocent of places.

“They go to Malls and when they go to malls nobody’s children are safe,” said Phil Keith.  Keith is an expert on human trafficking at Fox Valley Technical College.

According to him child prostitution is growing to younger and younger age groups, with the most vulnerable being runaways.

“These pimps are negotiators, they’re masters at persuasion,” said Keith.

Once a pimp has a victim, it’s hard to get free.

“They steal their identity, they don’t allow them to work,” said Keith.

When teens are rescued, getting back to normal life is a challenge and police are trying to help.

“Our goal is to bring them in to talk to them about their experiences and then to offer them the services that are available,” said Chad Elgersma, who works in the Human Trafficking Division of the FBI.

Victim’s need multiple services for drug addictions, emotional and sexual abuse and much more.

“The questions is tolerance.  How much will we tolerate these kinds of perpetrators, who take innocence away from children,” said Keith.

As those 10 children, rescued from Wisconsin are now trying to overcome a life of sexual slavery.

A training session is held once a year at Fox Valley Technical College on Amber Alerts and Missing Persons, it also touches on spotting the signs of human trafficking and how to stop it.



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