Medical College of Wisconsin to open summer 2016

July 25, 2013

From “Medical College of Wisconsin to open summer 2016” — By Katie Hoffman – The Medical College of Wisconsin will open its central Wisconsin campus in 2016, one year after the Green Bay campus opens, the college announced today, and Wausau-area residents could see students working in clinics as soon as 2015.

Officials from the college said the bigger area in central Wisconsin lends itself to more planning time before opening.

The medical school will make its home at Aspirus Wausau Hospital and Northcentral Technical College for administrative and classroom use.

Students from the Milwaukee and Green Bay campuses could complete clinical rotations at the facilities in Green Bay and central Wisconsin before the 2016 central Wisconsin start date. Student clinical work will take place at a variety of facilities in the area, including Ministry Health Care, Marshfield Clinic, Riverview Hospital and Aspirus.

John Raymond Sr., president and CEO of the medical college, said it’s important for local residents to see students in a clinical setting before the Wausau site opens.

“It shows a presence and a commitment to the community,” he said.

Raymond said he expects the first central Wisconsin graduating class to be about 15 to 25 students; they will then go on to complete their residency at a local clinic or hospital. Students will graduate from the three-year program with a general medical degree and are then free to choose a specialty during residency.

“We are trying to create in central Wisconsin destination residencies,” Raymond said. “We would like to have more family residencies, emergency residencies so when students graduate, they will have options to continue right in central Wisconsin.”

The education program addresses the need for providers in underserved communities across Wisconsin and uses a teaching model in which students receive core basic science and clinical experience in the community, teaching with other practitioners and encouraging students to practice in the communities where they train.

Faculty members from the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, University of Wisconsin Marathon County and Northcentral Technical College also will be involved in the college.

Lori Weyers, president of NTC, said the school is excited to partner with the medical college.

“It is a wonderful opportunity to have unique learning experiences with medical college students,” she said.

Medical College officials plan to select a dean for each campus this fall, and advisory boards have been established to guide the programs. Student recruitment will begin in spring 2014.


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