Blackhawk Tech College to offer nuclear technician degree

July 22, 2013

From “Blackhawk Tech College to Offer Nuclear Technician Associate Degree” — Blackhawk Technical College is joining with Lakeshore Technical College in Cleveland, WI, to offer a new associate degree program starting this fall semester for those interested in becoming a nuclear technician, one of the most rapidly expanding technical fields in the United States.

BTC already offers 32 credits of the program requirements including mathematics, sciences, technical studies and general education courses. Students at BTC will be able to complete the other required nuclear technical classes through interactive television and online platforms. Lakeshore will offer much of the nuclear specific curriculum in the two-year program.

BTC is committed to introducing students to a program that offers this specialized training in a field that presents opportunities in a growing and lucrative industry. It is an example of BTC’s goal to offer programs that help train students to meet the ever increasing needs of the local, state and national communities.

“What is most exciting about this program is that it offers interested students a wide array of future employment possibilities in fields such as the nuclear industry, medicine and environmental safety, just to name a few,’’ said Dr. Diane Nyhammer, BTC’s Vice President of Learning. “The program itself will help lead to employment, but students interested in further studies may also use it as a springboard to a four-year degree in high demand fields like health physics and radiation safety.’’

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that there will be a 14 percent growth in nuclear technician jobs by 2020 as the need for specialized training to operate equipment and monitor radiation levels in nuclear research and production increases.

The median pay for nuclear technicians is $68,090 a year, or $32.73 per hour, according to the Bureau. Nuclear technicians commonly operate special equipment and assist physicists, engineers, medical researchers and other professionals in nuclear research and production.

“We see this program as another example of how we can combine the best educational opportunities offered by the Wisconsin Technical College System to enhance the employable skills of our students and meet the ever-changing and increasing needs of employers in our state and around the nation,’’ Nyhammer said.

Students interested in more information about the Nuclear Technology program at Blackhawk should call the BTC admissions office at 608-757-7665 or contact by email.


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