CVTC dedicates time capsule

July 18, 2013

From “Message in a canister: CVTC dedicates time capsule” — Take a pinch of hydroponic basil, add some cosmos flower seeds and a sample of biodiesel fuel, seal them up with about 80 other items, and what do you get?

Check back in 25 years. That’s when the big canister containing those items will be unearthed and unsealed so people of that time can know more about the Chippewa Valley Technical College (CVTC) of today. The dedication and sealing of a time capsule Monday was the final act in the College’s Centennial celebration that went on all of last year.

The dedication took place just before a CVTC board meeting. Also at the ceremony, a time capsule originally dedicated in 1987 and unsealed last September as part of the Centennial celebration, was rededicated. Both time capsules are scheduled to be opened in 2037, when CVTC celebrates its 125th anniversary.

CVTC President Bruce Barker said the time capsules are a way for CVTC to stay connected to its community, its past and its mission.

“As we build on the success and dedication of our predecessors, we move forward to meet the challenges and opportunities of our day, remaining focused on our mission,” Barker said. “We know that over time that mission will be passed on to a new generation that will carry on and keep strong the connections to community and history that we feel so strongly today. Our own time capsule being dedicated here today will be our message to that future generation.”

The time capsule includes a letter from Barker to the future president of CVTC, and a wide variety of items. Some of the items, like a scissors set from the Barber-Cosmetology program and a lineworker’s handbook from the Electrical Power Distribution program, relate to specific CVTC programs. Other materials relate to student life, such as a graduation tassel, diploma covers, student handbooks and a commencement program.

Copies of CVTC Magazine, marketing materials describing major programs, copies of the College’s budget and president’s report, and a report on restoring workforce development relate some of the issues facing CVTC today.

One might wonder today what the people 25 years from now will think of stickers declaring “Recall Scott Walker” and “I Stand With Scott Walker.” The stickers are included, along with many Centennial memorabilia items. One might also wonder if the flash drive put in the time capsule will be looked at in 2037 the same way the people of today looked upon the VCR tapes found in the 1987 time capsule.

The time capsules were sealed in large plastic canisters and placed underground in chambers lined with drain tile, and covered with a stone marker. They are part of the College’s Centennial Circle in front of the Business Education Center on Clairemont Avenue in Eau Claire.



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