MATC helps create “CSI: Milwaukee” museum installation

July 16, 2013

From “CSI: Milwaukee at Discovery World” — Want to learn more about how crimes are solved? You can, by visiting Discovery World next week.

“CSI: Milwaukee,” a cooperative effort of the Milwaukee Police Department, Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office, the Wisconsin State Crime Lab, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, MATC’s Criminal Justice-Law Enforcement program and the World Martial Arts Academy, will let participants explore their true detective skills.

The event will feature a mock crime scene and you’ll be able to “investigate” the scene and find clues before going through a witness identification challenge. In the forensics lab, you’ll learn how to lift, record and read finger prints and explore DNA investigation techniques.

No word on whether or not all of that will be done to a snappy music sequence with a bunch of jump cuts, but feel free to drop your own snarky yet timely one-liners.

CSI: Milwaukee runs Thursday and Friday from 9 a.m. until 4 p.m. Regular Discovery World admission fees apply.



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