Manufacturing classes at Nicolet College

July 15, 2013

From “Manufacturing classes start Aug. 26 at Nicolet; free tuition for qualifying students” — Workers with strong manufacturing skills are in high demand in the Northwoods today and that is expected to grow into the future as the economy continues to improve, according to the dean of trade and industry at Nicolet College.

“These are good paying jobs that pay a family-supporting wage,” Brigitte Parsons said. “I would encourage anyone interested in entering these fields to look at the training programs Nicolet has available.”

Fall semester classes start Aug. 26.

Parsons also noted that Nicolet has received a grant to support the college’s manufacturing training efforts and a portion of those funds have been set aside to help qualifying students pay for tuition.

Nicolet currently offers seven different academic credentials that range from the short-term, industrial maintenance fundamentals certificate to the two-year, 65-credit industrial mechanical technician associate degree.

Each credential is structured so that it ladders into the next, meaning that the credits earned in a short-term certificate can be applied to a more advanced diploma program. These credits can then ultimately be applied to the two-year associate degree.

“That’s one of the beauties of the manufacturing program. Students can earn a college credential relatively quickly and then use that as the foundation for higher academic credentials,” Parsons said.

Average starting wages in manufacturing in this area range from $14 to $24 an hour, depending on the level of training, and typically increase steadily with on-the-job experience, she added.

For more information on Nicolet’s manufacturing programs, visit or call Nicolet at (715) 365-4451, (800) 544-3039, ext. 4451; TDD (715) 365-4448.


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