Student housing project in Marshfield moving forward

July 10, 2013

From “Student housing project in Marshfield moving forward” — Students attending U.W. and Mid-State Tech. in Marshfield should soon have more student housing choices.

Steve Barg is Marshfield city administrator and says a proposed “students-only” apartment complex is moving forward after partial funding for the demolition of an old student apartment building was approved Tuesday night by the Common Council. According to Barg, “There has been talk for many years about getting campus student housing for U.W. students and possibly Mid State students; as opposed to a building that has students but has other people in it and is just a normal multi-family type property.”

Since the property is currently co-owned by the city of Marshfield and Wood County, each entity will pay 50% of the demolition and asbestos removal costs up to $30,000 each. Once the old housing unit is demolished, the U.W. Foundation has tentative plans to work with a developer from the Quad Cities to build the new apartments, which would house 96 students. The demolition is planned for this summer, with construction on the new housing unit to start by this fall and be completed over winter.



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