MPTC hosts engineering camp for girls

July 1, 2013

From “MPTC hosts engineering camp for girls” — Several middle school girls showed off their new engineering skills to parents and friends on Thursday.

It was the final presentation for participants in the inaugural Moraine Park Technical College Engineering for Girls camp. The four-day program introduced participants entering Grades 6-8 to mechanical, robotic and program engineering.

Students worked in two-person teams to build and program their robots to complete a variety of challenges.

MPTC mechatronics instructor Craig Habeck and three female engineers from John Deere helped the girls troubleshoot issues with their robots and taught them more about engineering.

“The event has been very successful,” Habeck said. “The students participating are very interested in the subject. I am impressed with their motivation to complete the challenges.”

Claire Werch of Berlin said the camp was the first time she had done any programming.

“I really like programming the robots,” she said. “It’s exciting when you get it right and see them do the things they’re supposed to do.”

Amy Nipp, a performance and reliability engineering intern at John Deere, said the event was a great way for the girls to be exposed to the field and open up opportunities for their future.

“I went to a camp like this when I was younger and it really encouraged me to pursue a degree in engineering,” Nipp said. “This is the perfect age group for the girls to get exposure to the different programs they can pursue.”

Moraine Park plans plans to offer the Engineering for Girls camp in the future.

For more information, contact Kathy Hass, trades and manufacturing administrative assistant, at (920) 924-6436 or at



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