Grant supports NWTC literacy program

June 18, 2013

From “Nearly $1.8 million in grants awarded to fight poverty” — To participate in the annual U.S. Venture Open as a golfer, you only need $475 to qualify.

To receive a grant made possible by the money raised through the golf outing is much harder.

Yet this year, the Basic Needs Giving Partnership is giving away more money than in any previous year.

Nearly $1.8 million in multi-year grants were announced today by the Basic Needs Giving Partnership, which is funded through the money raised by the U.S. Venture Open and the JJ Keller Foundation.

“Whatever people put in, we match that amount. Thereby we can double the impact of the grants in the community,” says Mary Harp-Jirschele, executive director of the JJ Keller Foundation.

It’s a partnership that rewards other partnerships for addressing the root causes of poverty in Northeast Wisconsin.

“We talk a lot about collaboration and that’s what we’re really looking for organizations to do, to collaborate with one another in new and innovative ways,” says Sarah Schmidt, Director of the US Venture Open.

Literacy Green Bay’s joint effort with the YWCA and NWTC fit the bill.  Their program is called “Children First Family Literacy”.

“It’s a program where we help adults get their GED so they’re working with instructors to prepare for that and while they are doing that, their preschool children are in an early learning childhood environment getting ready for school,” says Kathy Cornell of Literacy Green Bay.

They are one of 21 new multi-year grant recipients this year.

“This is huge!  I think for most non-profits you write a lot of grants and you may get funding for a year but to know that we have funding for 3 years is a big deal,” says Cornell.

Made possible by the U.S. Venture Open golf outing, this year’s event is in August and features Donald Driver as the special guest.

“We’re just excited to partner with somebody who really cares so deeply about the same things we do.  His passion is really literacy and basic needs issues,” says Schmidt.


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