Local law enforcement undergo tactical emergency medical training

June 17, 2013

From wxow.com: “Local law enforcement undergo tactical emergency medical training” — LA CROSSE – Police officers, firefighters, paramedics and EMTs responded to a mass casualty shooting drill at Western Technical College, Sunday.

It was part of a 40-hour tactical emergency medical support course led by Waukesha County Technical College instructors.

Sunday’s drills included a mass casualty shooting and a downed officer.

“In a mass casualty situation there’s a triage situation that has to happen,” said Jim Hillcoat a La Crosse firefighter and paramedic. He’s taking part in the class.

“There was a danger in the scenario we just did that wasn’t mitigated yet – or we weren’t sure it was mitigated. So, that needed to be dealt with and you have people who need help medically that have traumatic injuries,” Hillcoat said.

The course teaches first responders how to utilize military and emergency medicine under the threat of gunfire, for example, the shootings at the Sikh Temple in Oak Creek, Wis., and the Azana Spa in Brookfield, Wis.

Tactical EMS Instructor Chad Stiles responded to the Azana Spa shooting.

“You never think it’s gonna happen in our community but when it does, we need to really be prepared to give the best response,” Stiles said.

That’s why he’s training law enforcement and EMS to work together in dangerous situations.

“Usually they operate side-by-side, but they’re working independently of each other,” Stiles said. “This class kind of brings them together like a marriage, almost, and teaches them each others objectives.”

The Tactical EMS class is funded by the Wisconsin Office of Justice Assistance and Wisconsin Hospital Emergency Preparedness.

Upon completing the course, EMS responders can submit their training record to the state and get a tactical EMS endorsement with their license, Stiles said.

View video from wxow.com



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