Program helps women get into male-dominated field

June 14, 2013

From “Program helps women get into male-dominated field” — When you think of a typical construction worker, a woman may not come to mind. But, the ladies are out to prove that anything guys can do, they can do better.

“We’re trying to draw more women into the skilled trades because economic parody. You make decent money as a skilled trades person” says Sandy Thistle, who teaches construction at Madison College.

Thistle also helps with the ‘Tools for Tomorrow’ program. The program, put on by Madison College, lets ladies get their feet wet in the areas of trade and technology.

Thursday ‘s free workshop focused on homebuilding.

“I run the power tools at home and so I think women are totally capable of doing this type of job” says Maria Kovach, one of the dozen women who turned out to the workshop.

And if you are a woman who’s struggling to support a family, construction may be the way to go.

“Now that the economy’s picking up, there’s demand for this work and there’s nobody trained” says Thistle.

Right now, there are now more people working in construction since August 2009.
Last month, construction employment jumped by 7000.

You can find out more information on the ‘Tools for Tomorrow’ program by heading to:



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