NWTC constructs new learning labs for health care students

June 10, 2013

From wbay.com: “NWTC constructs new learning labs for health care students” — Northeast Wisconsin Technical College is expanding its health sciences building to add three new cutting-edge learning labs. They include a wellness lab focusing on exercise physiology, a caregiver lab to train home health workers and a simulation lab for nursing students.

Together, they’ll fill the additional 13,500 foot space that is being constructed.

“We went on a road trip last year looking at simulation labs in our state and also reviewed online other simulation labs in other settings,” explains NWTC’s Health Sciences Dean Kay Tupala.

A picture is posted near the construction site of what the building will look like on the outside, but inside, it will be filled with upgraded equipment to help students develop the critical skills they need for their careers.

Tupala adds “what we can do in simulation is give students scenarios they may not get exposed to at the hospital.”

Nursing students say even though it’s a simulation lab, the skills they learn are invaluable.

“When you go into a simulation lab you totally lose sight that it’s just a mannequin there,” describes Young. “The kind of equipment they have, they have real blood pressures, they change. You can see if they have loss of circulation because their finger tips turn blue.”

The $3.5 million dollar project is expected to be completed by January 2014.


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