College Park area added to EAA event

June 5, 2013

From “College Park area added to EAA for 2013” — AirVenture 2013 will be offering a number of new activities and displays, including the Education and Interactive Zone. Within the E.I.Z. will be EAA College Park presented by American Airlines, an area designated for companies and colleges to network with young people and display what they have to offer to potential employees and students. EAA will also have a strong presence in this area, offering membership opportunities, internships, and job postings.

EAA Business Relations Manager Holly Williams said of the new area, “College Park will highlight EAA’s commitment to education and youth by creating a venue that showcases aviation education programs and interactive exhibits.”

Over 15 Colleges and Universities will be represented at the E.I.Z., and they range from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University to Fox Valley Technical College as well as a number of state universities like Ohio State and Arizona State.

“I’m excited to have our aviation programs be part of College Park because it provides a one stop shopping center for prospective students to find the aviation training program that best fits their needs,” said Jared Huss, an aeronautics pilot instructor at Fox Valley Technical College. “Students can easily compare and contrast the many options they have in front of them and make the choice that’s best for their future.”

Some of the businesses that will be participating this year are Disney, the History Channel, the US Air Force, and American Airlines who is sponsoring College Park.

Captain Bart Roberts is a retired Navy pilot and Chief Pilot of Line Operations for American Airlines and he spoke to EAA on the company’s behalf.

“We jumped at the opportunity to be part of a venue with so many young, like-minded people,” he said. Roberts also noted that the recent decline in the industry has not “painted a picture of opportunity” within the aviation community and he said he thinks College Park will help encourage young people to follow their dreams and pursue careers in aviation.

In addition to collegiate and occupational networking, there will be plenty of fun to be had by the youngsters of College Park as well. Many of the displays will be interactive, including a video gaming promotion by who will be launching their new game World of Warplanes in August.

EAA has also designated an area of the E.I.Z. as “The Quad” where college students can mingle and relax and discus s the events of the day. EAA has also scheduled its second annual College Mixer after last year’s success in which over 240 students attended. The Mixer will be Friday night from 6-8 within the College Park area and will provide a relaxed atmosphere for students to casually interact with one another as well as with potential employers and colleges.

The Education and Interactive Zone and College Park are sure to be popular stops for young people at EAA, and Capt. Roberts couldn’t have summed it up better.

“At College Park we are able to meet face to face with young people to generate interest and appreciation for not only American Airlines, but the entire aviation community,” he said. “And that’s what EAA is all about.”



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