Criminal Justice Training Center provides training in missing persons cases

May 9, 2013

From “Preparation key in search for missing” — FOND DU LAC – Investigators say having a plan in place to deal with an abduction before it happens is key.

“If something is going to happen, it’s going to happen in the first 24 hours and the quicker we can get on it, the quicker we can get the information out to the general public, the better chance we have of resolving it,” said Lt. Cameron McGee with the Fond du Lac County Sheriff’s Dept.

McGee says having that plan in place helps allocate resources to the search effort quickly and effectively.

“These things have a tendency to explode very quickly and if we have a plan in place up front, it’s easier to manage, easier to do that because these things they get very big, very fast.”

It’s the kind of training Fox Valley Technical College’s Criminal Justice Training Center provides. Center director Brad Russ trains law enforcement officers on search techniques in missing persons cases.

“Time is of the essence. When we do our training, we talk about the need to mobilize everyone immediately,” said Russ.

McGee say technology helps spread the word of possible abductions quicker than ever before.

“We have Amber Alerts now, we have the resources of the National Center for the Missing and Exploited, other agencies out there today that we didn’t have back then, 10, 20 years ago.”

And Lt. McGee has a warning for those who would even think about harming children…don’t do it in Fond du Lac County.

“If that means calling in state resources or federal resources or whatever it takes, at least around here these cases are dealt with in the absolute highest priority. We have to tolerate a lot of things around here, but when it comes to messing with our children, we don’t have any tolerance for that whatsoever.”

Each February, Fox Valley Tech hosts a national missing persons conference.

The FBI’s most recent report indicates 87,000 active missing persons cases; more than one third of them are children.


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