NTC international students win Resolution Fellowships

April 16, 2013

From ntc.edu: “NTC international students win Resolution Fellowships” —

Northcentral Technical College (NTC) recently sent a record eight international SEED (Scholarships for Education & Economic Development) students to the Clinton Global Initiative conference in St. Louis. Approximately 1,200 students attended the conference focused on international development.

As a part of this year’s event, the students submitted a community action plan, which is their plan to make a change or address important issues in their home community. Three hundred students had the opportunity to present their plans in the first annual Social Venture Challenge, a competition to inspire college students to propose solutions to the world’s problems. Three of the NTC students who attended made it to the finals and were able to present to the Resolution Project judges. Dina Dure of Haiti and Jose “Saul” Vasquez of El Salvador won Resolutions Fellowships to implement their community action plans when they return home.

international student

Dure, with the assistance of Jacquelin Meremable, presented on a Cassava (Yucca) Factory. The Yucca Factory will provide formation, tools and equipment to the people farming and transforming yucca into bread and tortillas. This will allow farmers in Bainet, Haiti, to fight poverty, building a sustainable agricultural business line.

With only 20 percent of the educated Haitians actually staying in Haiti, Dure says these funds are important.

“We are studying in the United States and spend so much time on education, to be able to go back and stay and help the people to make a difference in their lives means so much to our parents, our families, our community,” said Dure.

Vasquez presented his plan, called Sharing Joy. The objective of Sharing Joy is to create a better life for the elderly and the disabled in La Montanita, El Salvador, by providing wheelchairs, walkers and other mobility aids. This group will also provide support to families that have patients with special needs by providing transportation to medical appointments.

For Vasquez, this is a plan that hits close to home.

“My sister was disabled and didn’t have a wheelchair,” says Vasquez. “She spent all her time in a highchair or in bed. She couldn’t go to church with us. My sister passed away last summer and I couldn’t go home to the funeral so I’m passionate about this project and helping others like her.”

The fellowship winners will receive financial backing to make their projects a reality. The money will be disbursed over time as they prove they are following proper protocol and the steps necessary in their community action plan.

About The Resolution Project: The Resolution Project is a unique pathway to action for aspiring young social entrepreneurs, growing a global community of socially-responsible leaders. Founded in 2007, Resolution identifies young leaders through Social Venture Challenges and empowers them to make a positive impact today through Resolution Fellowships. Our Founders created Resolution because they recognized that the inspiring energy and idealism of undergraduate youth summits quickly dissipated because the events offered no path to action. Resolution Fellows receive dynamic, hands-on support to implement their ventures and to develop as socially-responsible leaders. With Resolution Fellows on all six inhabited continents, working in divers, high-impact fields such as education, healthcare, human rights, water resources and sustainability, Resolution is building a generation of leaders with a lifelong commitment to social responsibility.



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