MSTC considers adding barber program

February 19, 2013

From “MSTC considers adding barber program” — The Mid-State Technical College District Board was scheduled to meet Monday to discuss creating a diploma program for prospective barbers.

Daily Tribune Media recently talked with Janet Newman, dean of the college’s Service and Health Division, about the proposal and what it would mean for MSTC students.

Here are her responses, which have been slightly edited for clarity and length.

Question: How did the concept for a barbering program come about?

Answer: Wisconsin state law changed as of July 1, 2012. Prior to that, individuals in the state of Wisconsin were licensed as barber/cosmetology; it was a combined license, and the training requirements were identical. All training programs were 1,800 hours, and they were training people to be barbers and cosmetologists. … On July 1, the law changed, so there are two separate licenses. The training requirements for barber licenses were reduced to 1,000 hours.

Q: What’s the difference between a barber and a cosmetologist?

A: The barbers will be able to do everything cosmetologists can do except manicures and some skin care techniques. There is more emphasis in the barber program on men’s haircuts, shaving and those kinds of skills, but our cosmetologists learn how to do that, too.

Q: What would the new program involve?

A: That’s one of those things that has a direct impact on programming because as state law changes, so does our programming needs. … The way that our cosmetology program is structured, it requires people to be in the classroom on campus 35 hours a week … and a lot of people can’t work that into their lives. The barber program would offer us the ability to offer (classes) on a part-time basis. The format would be two nights a week and every other weekend. It would serve those individuals who work during the day.

Q: How did the proposal get to this point?

A: We have a local program advisory committee, so first of all we discussed it at that level back in October. That advisory committee went on record saying they were in support of us starting this program. The statewide curriculum for barbering was approved in December.

Q: What process does the proposal still have to go through until it gains final approval?

A: If our board approves it (Monday), then … just because of the time of the state board meetings, we can’t get onto their next agenda until May, and then at that point, they approve what’s called the concept. … What is the employment demand in the district that is requesting approval for this program?

Then, the last step would be the state board approving it in July. That step looks at the reasonableness of the costs. In our case, the costs are really going to be, I would say minimal, because, No. 1 it’s a way to maximize our utilization of our existing classroom and salon and second, we should not be hiring a permanent staff member. We would hire an adjunct faculty member.

Q: If it gains final approval, when would the degree program start?

A: We would begin offering the program the week of Sept. 9, so if somebody started then … when they get to summer of 2014, they would need to be on campus in our salon four days a week. The total number of weeks would be 44 weeks.


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