MATC helps with tax return preparation

February 12, 2013

From “Death and taxes, MATC helps with one of these” — MATC is offering free tax services through the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance program (VITA) at the Downtown Milwaukee and Oak Creek campuses. MATC accounting students have been trained by the Internal Revenue Service and are ready to help you get the most accurate and speedy return possible.

Nursing student Christine Domenech said, “It’s convenient, and I don’t have a problem with MATC doing my taxes, I trust them. It makes me feel a lot better to get it done here so I won’t have to stand in long lines at H & R Block or try to do it online; they already know how.”

Accounting instructor Jim Bennedum is in charge of gathering volunteers, overseeing training, and submitting paperwork. Bennedum has been running this program for 30 years at the Oak Creek Campus. He stressed that this is not a part of the curriculum; this is strictly a volunteer service. The people who are helping want to help out.

Bobbie Sherrod, coordinator of the Downtown Milwaukee Campus and MATC retiree, has worked in the Student Services department for 39 years. Volunteers come from the Department of Revenue (DOR), the Milwaukee County comptroller’s office, Northwestern Mutual, Marquette University (students and employees), as well as current and present MATC accounting students; Sherrod also contributes.

After the volunteers complete an Income Tax class, an IRS test, an ethics test, and a final exam with an 80% or higher, Bennedum helps the volunteers familiarize themselves with the task at hand.

Be it a senior citizen, a vet, a single mom or dad, or just someone who isn’t sure how taxes work, this service is available to anyone and is not limited to MATC students as long as their household income does not exceed $51,000 a year.

Sherrod says, “Many of the taxpayers are not aware of the Earned Income Tax Credit and child care tax credit they are eligible to receive because they receive a low income. In addition to filing federal and state returns, we file homestead returns for low-income, those on Social Security, etc.”

Bennedum expressed, “This is a great form of satisfaction, helping the people who need it the most.”

Sherrod stated, “I am very proud to be a help in this MATC community service project.”


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