CVTC partnership wins economic development award

October 4, 2012

From “Chippewa Co. Economic Development Corp. recognized for service” — Chippewa County Economic Development Corporation (CCEDC) in partnership with Chippewa Valley Technical College (CVTC) received a Silver Excellence in Economic Development Award for their Critical Core Manufacturing Skills (CCMS) Program in the category of Partnerships with Educational Institutions from the International Economic Development Council (IEDC).

The award was presented to Charlie Walker, President/CEO of CCEDC and Tim Shepardson, Campus Administrator, CVTC at an awards ceremony on Tuesday, October 2, during the IEDC Annual Conference, in Houston, Texas. IEDC’s Excellence in Economic Development Awards recognizes the world’s best economic development programs and partnerships, marketing materials, and the year’s most influential leaders.

The CCMS was an outcome of a collaborative partnership of the CCEDC and CVTC. The two had discussed the need for cutting-edge training opportunities, and creating a competitive, well-trained, and skills-oriented workforce in the Chippewa Valley, thus keeping our area workforce competitive. Creation of this program involved conducting focus groups and town hall style meetings with manufacturers to identify the skills found lacking in the current workforce and to identify solutions. Participants in the program are trained with skills in the areas of productivity, problem solving, teambuilding and adaptability. After completion of the 12 program modules the participants walk away with a transferable technical certificate. The consortium has been positive; companies are more productive, safer, and more profitable. This keeps businesses going strong and more people employed right here in the Chippewa Valley which is always a good thing.

“With recent studies showing a skills gap in manufacturing throughout the USA CCEDC took the opportunity to partner with the CVTC in the creation of the Critical Core Manufacturing Skills Program” stated Charlie Walker, President/CEO, CCEDC. “This successful partnership has now been recognized by the elite economic development organization IEDC.”

“We recognize Chippewa County Economic Development Corporation in partnership with Chippewa Valley Technical College for creating innovative and successful strategies to promote economic development in this period of global recovery,” said Jay Moon, IEDC chair. “Our awards honor organizations and individuals for their efforts in creating positive change in communities. Chippewa County Economic Development Corporation in partnership with Chippewa Valley Technical College demonstrates that they are at the forefront of the economic development profession and are using cutting-edge, effective practices that can be replicated in other communities.”


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