NWTC program helps foster youth continue education

July 19, 2012

From wbay.com: “NWTC program helps foster youth continue education” — It’s called Fostering Futuremakers, a five day camp, only in its second year at Northeast Wisconsin Technical College, designed for high school juniors and seniors in the foster system.

“Our goal is to reach out to them, to provide them opportunities to in respect to academic preparation and development and offering them exploration opportunities in regards to careers and post secondary education,” explained Brooke Holbrook, a career preps specialist at NWTC.

The camp includes 18 hours of class time and tours of other campuses like UWGB and Saint Norbert College.

The students start the week taking the Accuplacer test– which is NWTC’s admission test.

“If they choose to attend NWTC, great, if not it still allows them preparation for any admissions test,” said Holbrook.

Some of those in the program we spoke with say it has helped them develop a plan for reaching their career goals.

“I’m thinking about doing the two year dental hygienist program here and then while I’m working as a dental hygienist I can save up money to go to college to become a dentist,” said Serena Shelton, a camper who will be a junior this school year.

“I want to do a criminal justice and I’m thinking about coming to NWTC and doing the two year program,” said camper Laura Hintz.

NWTC says it’s important to get more foster youth the resources they need to continue their education.

“We know statistics show one in eight foster youth within Wisconsin attend post secondary education as compared to their counterparts, one in two,” explained Holbrook.

Something Fostering Futuremakers hopes to change.


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