Stevens Point authorizes negotiations with Mid-State over new campus building

July 17, 2012

From “Stevens Point authorizes negotiations with Mid-State over new campus building” —  Stevens Point officials have authorized continued negotiations with Mid-State Technical college over a proposed new campus downtown.

City leaders voted 9 -2 in favor of that measure tonight. Mayor Andrew Halverson says he’ll meet with leaders from Mid-State to go over what sort of help the city can provide in building the new campus.

Alderman Mike Wiza says the reason for the closed session is one of negotiation. “That’s just so that Mid-State isn’t stacking the deck in what they can get out of us.” He says the issue is one of public fundings as well, since both Stevens Point and Mid-State are taxing entities.

Demolition for the main structure of the Centerpoint Mall was approved tonight by the city council as well. The city will also be building a road through the area currently taken up by the structure of the mall.

Residents and some city officials were upset last month after the city announced those plans to tear down the mall, saying that the city had previously sought public input on a plan that would preserve the main structure and create a atrium and mall space for the community. Mayor Halverson and Community Development Authority Director Michael Ostrowski explained at meetings that the option to keep that section would be cost prohibitive if the city later tore down the atrium again if no tenants could be found.

The city has around 6 million dollars in funding for the project overall.


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