Technical college system president retiring

July 3, 2012

From Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel:  “Technical college system president retiring” The president of the Wisconsin Technical College System for the past eight years announced Monday he will retire effective Sept. 14. Dan Clancy, who has been with the technical college system a total of 16 years, oversaw the system of 16 technical colleges during a time of 40% enrollment growth, and significant expansion of the scope of technical education programs.

From 1996 to 2004, Clancy served as vice president for Finance, Planning and Policy. His 33-year service with the state also included a stint with the Legislative Fiscal Bureau, where he was well known for his expertise in K-12 school finance and higher education policy. “Reflecting back,” Clancy said in a prepared statement, “I’ve had the good fortune to be able to spend my career working with outstanding colleagues and exceptional organizations in a state that values public service.”

Gov. Scott Walker issued a statement Monday afternoon, commending Clancy for his service. “I have known Dan since my time in the Legislature and would like to thank him for doing a fantastic job leading the Wisconsin Technical College System,” Walker said. “Under Dan’s leadership our technical colleges have provided vital training aimed at addressing Wisconsin’s skills gap.”

State Superintendent of Public Instruction Tony Evers said Clancy was “particularly attuned to workforce needs, continually modifying technical college programs to align with job opportunities.”Clancy recognized the diverse needs of students coming to the technical college system, Evers said in a statement. “He worked to ensure that students could gain skills quickly and move seamlessly from high school, to technical college, then to careers or baccalaureate and advanced degrees,” Ever said. “He also worked to transform the delivery of adult basic education through greater integration with practical occupational training to help adults with additional challenges to succeed more quickly and progress into postsecondary learning options.”

Evers called Clancy a national leader in the development of Career Pathways “so that both adult learners and high school students quickly and cost-effectively earn credentials that help them secure employment.” Clancy pushed for expanded and enhanced flexible learning options, including online, weekend, evening, and modular programs to better meet the needs of the diverse student body that accesses WTCS services, Evers said.
“Together we worked to increase the number of opportunities for high school students to earn 
postsecondary credit, while still in high school, getting a jump start on and in some cases even earning a credential,” Evers said. “Dan is a visionary educator and leader. I wish him all the best in his retirement.”


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