New partnership between NWTC and Southwest

April 27, 2012

From “New partnership between NWTC and Southwest” — GREEN BAY – Area high schoolers will soon have an edge after graduation.

It’s part of a new partnership between Northeast Wisconsin Technical College and Green Bay Southwest High School.

Come next school year, juniors and seniors at Southwest High School will be able to take courses like those offered at NWTC, within the walls of their school.

“It’s really trying to bring training out into the high schools so that students can experience what are the career pathways in the technical areas,” explained NWTC vice president of learning Lori Suddick.

Next school year five courses will be offered through NWTC, including welding and graphic technology.

The classes will be taught by Southwest staff.

NWTC will provide the training.

The partnership has been in the works for more than a year.

It was approved by the Green Bay school board Monday.

Already, school officials say students are showing interest.

“There are a lot of kids who are starting to talk about it, I think the word is really now starting to travel,” said Southwest High School principal Rod Bohm. “In fact, I got a couple calls today (Thursday) from parents who are also very excited to know more.”

According to some recent reports, this opportunity couldn’t come at a better time.

Data released this year by the Northeastern Wisconsin Manufacturing Alliance says one in four jobs in Wisconsin is in manufacturing.

And almost one out of two companies will find it difficult to find skilled, local talent.

“Employers need skilled workers and they need them quickly,” Suddick said. “So by providing duel credit experience in high school, we can put them through the pipeline into those careers.”

NWTC officials plan to expand the program the following school year.

They expect to add around seven new courses, from engineering to design courses.

District officials say other high school students can participate.

“Travel is always a trouble spot for students when they try to stay at one school and travel to another for courses, but because these fall into a block, that might be possible, for them to stay at their home school and then come over,” explained executive director of learning Kim Pahlow.

If this program goes according to plan, Pahlow hopes it can eventually expand courses to other district high schools.

NWTC officials say this is partnership is a spin-off of another partnership they have with schools in Marinette County.

They’re also currently in talks with Door County schools to start similar programs.


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