WITC hosts poverty conference in Rice Lake

March 9, 2012

From superiortelegram.com: “WITC hosts poverty conference in Rice Lake” — Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College and Northwest Wisconsin AHEC are offering a People in Crisis: Poverty Conference focusing on the issues related to living in poverty at WITC-Rice Lake. The conference will be held on from 8:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. March 27. The cost is $25.

An Interactive Poverty Simulation takes place in the morning led by the Wisconsin State Public Defender’s office, with a resource panel and guest speakers in the afternoon. The focus will be on living in poverty and will give participants a better understanding of what it might feel like to live with little or no income trying to meet their own and their family’s basic needs. This conference is specifically designed for professionals that work in healthcare and related fields. Lunch is included.

Live a month in poverty in just a few hours. The Poverty Stimulation Workshop is a powerful role-playing experience that offers the opportunity to learn more about the realities of living in conditions of poverty. Participants enter the workshop with an assigned identity and family profile. They experience one month of poverty compressed into the real time of the simulation (generally three hours total). Afterward in the debriefing, they share insights they had.

As a result, ordinary people from all walks of life can share a very special kink of awakening. The Poverty Simulation workshop can open people’s eyes to the human cost of poverty. The power of this unique learning resource is that it creates, like no other method, an insight into the state of chronic crisis that consumes so many working families.

Call WITC at 800-243-9482, ext. 4221, for more information or to register. Online registration is available by logging on to witc.edu/search.


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