Walker announces workforce partnership grant

March 8, 2012

From weau.com: “Walker announces 3 year, 4 million dollar program for technical colleges” — Governor Scott Walker was in La Crosse announcing a 3 year, 4 million dollar program that will focus on fostering partnerships between Wisconsin technical colleges and employers.

Walker visited Pacal Industries to announce his new “Wisconsin Workforce Partnership Grant.”

He hopes to close the gap between manufacturing jobs and available workers.

“There’s all sorts of issues brought up from employers, but one that’s frequently brought up is employers saying ‘In my business I’ve got jobs, I just don’t have enough bodies to fill them,’” said Walker.

Any Wisconsin technical college will be able to apply for a grant. Applications will be able to be submitted March 22nd through May 9th.

Democrat party chair Vicki Burke says that this grant is making colleges jump through hoops when they shouldn’t have to. She believes Walkers grant announcement is a campaign stunt.

“He comes with these little programs so he can make an appearance and get some publicity out of it. To me it seems like a campaign visit,” said Burke.

Western Technical College in La Crosse plans on sending in an application. After talking to president of the college Lee Rasch, he says that they plan on submitting a more regional application to get the best results.

“We’ll put a regional application together. It’ll be a solid one. The announcement today is good news, we’re glad to have that opportunity,” said Rasch.

The Covenant Foundation will select award application winners based on how many degree holders will result, how many jobs will be created, and how aggressive the employer proposals are among other criteria set by Wisconsin Covenant Foundation.

View video from weau.com


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