CVTC works with WiscNet to Expand the NanoRite Innovation Center

February 15, 2012

From “Chippewa Valley Technical College Works with WiscNet to Expand the NanoRite Innovation Center” — Chippewa Valley Technical College (CVTC) recently announced it is broadening the scope of the NanoRite Innovation Center.  NanoRite will continue to be an incubation center for start-up companies in Western Wisconsin within the nanotechnology sector, but because of growth of bio, industrial, and manufacturing technology in the area, CVTC wants to also provide these type of start-up companies a facility to cultivate their ideas.

CVTC will be adding an on-site data center, allowing NanoRite to expand the bandwidth to the tenants through the Chippewa Valley Inter Networking Consortium (CINC). This data center will also serve as a disaster recovery site for WiscNet, be a data center location for the University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire and allow CVTC to move its data center, which is now located at on off-site location.

Among WiscNet’s strategic priorities is to grow our services beyond the network.  Our members, like the Chippewa Valley Technical College, trust WiscNet and its members to deliver and sustain a robust, cost-effective network.  By developing this trust, we intend to grow new services that will make full use of our advanced ubiquitous network infrastructure.

The NanoRite Center at the Chippewa Valley Technical College is a prime example of how WiscNet works with and for its members.  Many of our members have robust, well-developed data centers that their business officers see only as cost centers.  Other members (K12′s, libraries, municipalities) need data center services like co-location and virtual hosting.  As a trusted intermediary, we can provide services to connect both people and strategies, satisfying the need for offsite data center services while providing a revenue stream to our members with data centers.


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