Creating Community…One Seed at a Time

February 15, 2012

From “Creating Community…One Seed at a Time” — A collaborative between the University of Wisconsin Parkside, Gateway Technical College, and multiple community agencies in the Kenosha/Racine area has had a significant community impact. Students worked with projects supporting community gardens as well as with programs in the community to educate low income and other individuals about healthy nutrition options with a focus on fresh food and its preservation.

“Usually a STEM discipline [course] feels very lecture oriented or class oriented. Community Service projects actually allow the students to go out, have hands-on experience, and actually apply the knowledge they are taking in through lecture.” -Stefanie Straus-Thomkins, UW-Parkside

“You can tell somebody, ‘This is how a pepper grows,’ but until they see that pepper growing on a plant and watch it develop and watch it grow – you don’t get the full experience. I get hands-on experience of learning and doing it and then I go and teach somebody else that too.” – Charis, Student, Gateway Technical College.

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