Gateway cited as example of tech ed connecting with jobs

November 16, 2011

From “Tech ed offers opportunities to connect with jobs” — ​Career and technical education (CTE) programs may be the way to boost high school graduation rates and put students on a college and career pathway, according to panelists at an American Youth Policy Forum discussion this week.

Securing a living-wage job is becoming harder for workers with high school diplomas or less—particularly for women in that category. College is the best path to employment and middle-class earnings, but higher degrees won’t always lead to higher-paying jobs, according to panelist Anthony Carnevale, research professor and director of the Georgetown University Center of Education and the Workforce (CEW).

“It’s not so much the educational level as what you take and how that leads to a job,” Carnevale said.

The discussion coincided with the release of CEW’s report Career Clusters: Forecasting Demand for High School Through College Jobs. The study predicts job opportunities and skill requirements within 16 CTE clusters, including manufacturing, architecture and construction, and hospitality and tourism.

The study shows that for those with high school diplomas, decent jobs still exist but there are not enough to go around. Only one in three of high school-level jobs will pay wages of $35,000 or more.

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