Madison College students erect wind tower

October 31, 2011

From “Wind tower erected in Jefferson” — JEFFERSON — As today’s tough economy fosters creativity and innovation almost everywhere, partnerships continue to sprout up around the region to get things done. On Friday afternoon, one of these latest liaisons — between county government and Madison College — was working toward the construction of a wind-speed measurement tower at Jefferson County Fair Park. By Friday evening, the tower was in place.

With Jefferson County Fair Park Director Paul Novitzke looking on, Madison College Industrial Maintenance Instructor Cris Folk and a number of his students undertook the task of erecting the 100-foot, portable wind-measuring tower in the southwest corner of the fair park.

The device has a small turbine on top to measure wind velocity, direction, temperature and other data that will be made publicly available over the Internet. After one year, the Jefferson County Fair Park Committee will have enough data to determine the feasibility of erecting a full-size wind turbine at the fairgrounds. Madison College, also known as MATC, in turn, will use the tower and data gathered in Wind Turbine Safety and Introduction to Wind Energy classes taught at its Watertown and Fort Atkinson campuses.

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