Market still tough for job seekers

September 6, 2011

From the “Market still tough for job seekers” — Whitney Barner hopes when she finally lands a full-time job everything she did to get it will be worth it.

The 20-year-old Two Rivers native, who now lives in Oshkosh, will be wrapping up a two-year criminal justice program at Fox Valley Technical College this December. While she’s been attending FVTC she also has been working toward a bachelor’s degree in human services at the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh, which she wants to finish in 2½ years.

Barner, also a member of the FVTC women’s basketball team, holds down two part-time jobs, one at Sergio’s Mexican Restaurant in Appleton and the other as a security cadet at FVTC.

Barner wants to show a potential employer she has a strong work ethic, something she believes will benefit her full-time employment search, especially entering a market where competition is fierce for every available job, an environment experts say may linger into 2013 as the tepid economic recovery continues to feed uncertainty.

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