Lambeau expansion to create jobs

August 26, 2011

From “Lambeau expansion to create jobs” — GREEN BAY – The Packers say the new expansion at Lambeau Field will create about 1,600 jobs during the next two years. Several hundred will be construction-related.

Many say 1,600 jobs is good news, but the construction business still has a long way to go to truly improve.

“It’s good,” said Jim Golembeski, Bay Area Workforce Development Board. “One of the sectors that was hit most cruelly by the great recession is the construction sector. We’re not building new houses, a lot of foreclosures, a lot of houses on the market. So to bring some business and get the workers moving in the construction industry sector, that’s a good thing.”

The new Lambeau construction means new jobs during the next two years, jobs that are needed.

“Since the crash in 2008 we’ve certainly seen a decline in interest in construction programs across the board, which makes sense,” said Mark Weber, Dean of Trades and Engineering Technologies at Northeast Wisconsin Technical College. “Certainly people aren’t building the homes and commercial buildings that they were.”

Weber says in the last few years he’s seen about 20% fewer students training to be carpenters, masons, and electricians. However, other programs like manufacturing are growing.

“I think things like the fact that our manufacturing sector is so strong and growing, that that then will drive more jobs in the construction industry. So I think it’s good. I think it’s a good sign. I think we’re on the right track,” Weber said.

“I think we’re talking about a year to two years at least,” said Golembeski. He says a turnaround for construction is going to take time and 1,600 new jobs in the Green Bay area certainly can’t hurt.



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