Madison College uses wind power in Ft. Atkinson

July 15, 2011

From the Daily Union: “Turbines save Fort schools power, money” — The two small wind energy systems on Fort Atkinson’s north side are generating a lot of interest, as well as electricity.

A wind turbine at Madison Area Technical College-Fort Atkinson has been in operation since November 2009, while the tower at Fort Atkinson High School began generation this past April.

The School District of Fort Atkinson held an informational presentation Monday night at the base of its Endurance energy system. The meeting drew several-dozen community members who expressed great interest in the savings and logistics of setting up a small wind energy system like these.

The differences

The two energy systems are models from different manufacturers, with MATC installing a 150-foot Northern Power 100-kilowatt wind turbine. The school district’s Endurance E-3120 tower is 20 feet higher, although MATC’s is rated to generate more energy. The maximum output for the MATC system is 100 kilowatts per hour, twice that of the high school’s system. The blades are 35 feet in length.

The high school’s wind tower sports a sort of nose cone on the front of the turbine, and it has a 61-foot rotar diameter. It is accessed via a ladder on the outside of the tower for maintenance. The turbine at MATC has an indoor stairway so maintenance workers can scale the tower from the inside.



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