Tech college can help employment

July 8, 2011

From the Muskego Patch: “Young Adults Find Employment Picture Hazy”— Those looking for an example of the up-and-down nature of our bumpy economy need look no further than at what has transpired on the jobs front over the last two days.

On Thursday, a report came out that said 157,000 private-sector jobs were added in June, news that sparked optimism among many that the economic recovery was back on track.

On Friday morning, however, the government’s official figures showed that the unemployment rate rose in June to 9.2 percent — the highest level since December. And only 18,000 new jobs were added last month.

Those conflicting numbers do nothing to quell the ongoing uncertainty over whether the U.S. economy is going to rebound soon.

And those who comprise those statistics have no clearer a picture of where things are headed.

Consider the plight of young adults, those leaving high school, military service and college with limited experience and sometimes limited education. For them the job market is … well, let them try to sort it out for you.



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